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Vision   :  Sentral Kualitas Riset to be a good market research  company and as well as having international standards.        Focus to Quality, Trusted, Friendly &  Reliability”.

Mission : Sentral Kualitas Riset make client right decision & create strategy  for they business, through improving the quality of the existing system at the moment and be able to provide a sense to client  comfort to all users of our services.

Sentral Kualitas Riset is Professional Market Research Field Work Process, Qualitative, Quantitative, Data Processing, Feasibility, Research Subject, Tab & Field and Retail Audit. As a Trusted Market Research Company . We give high-quality service for the satisfaction of our clients We have experienced researchers with varied backgrounds such as, marketings, statisticians/ mathematicians, logistics, etc. Our  researchers specialize in specific industries  such as FMCG, Banking and  Finance, Healthcare, Automotive, Telecommunication, etc.

Sentral Kualitas Riset Provides Flexible strategy to meet needs of every clients with The Best Qualitative, Quantitative & Online Research. Combined with our planning and team who already have experiences and ability, expertise of the team, We ready to Provide Professional Market Research Service.

Our Qualitative Specialists work exclusively on qualitative projects and likewise the quantitative teams to ensures greater levels of expertise in these areas.

We have extensive experience in managing qualitative and quantitative research projects, both single and multi-country. We are experts in research protocols in most countries and we are accustomed to working in an international setting.

Our Quantitative Field Teams manage large scale urban and rural surveys, and continuous tracking studies. We also have experienced Qualitative Field Teams that are capable in handling various qualitative studies.

We have experience and commitment to delivering high quality fieldwork in an accurate, fast, and price competitive way across a diverse range of market sectors. With expertise in survey design, fieldwork delivery and statistical analysis, Sentral Kualitas Riset delivers and focus to  high quality for Qualitative, Quantitative, Field & Tab market research across a broad and loyal client base and make satisfaction for clients.

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